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Live Oak County Judge Jim Huff, announces 1920-2020 Live Oak County Courthouse Centennial delayed until an appropriate time hopefully in 2021.

Previously planned for this fall, COVID-19 restrictions continue delays with final courthouse renovations. Centennial Celebration Date will be announced once renovations are completed. Tours, Time Capsule, and Exhibits inside the courthouse are just part of the celebration. We look forward to seeing all at that time. Until then, Be Safe, Be Smart, and Keep Family Close To Your Hearts!

Live Oak County Judge Jim Huff and Ross Harris, Chairperson for the Live Oak County Historical Commission (LOCHC), extend a hearty welcome to this website. LOCHC Appointee applications for the 2021-2022 biennium have been submitted. New appointees and a new chair will be posted once accepted by the Live Oak County Commissioner's Court in January of 2021.


Evergreens are a vital part of Christmas. Before the convenience of trucks bringing evergreens from the North or Pineywoods, folks in Live Oak County had no pine, cedars, or fir trees. They celebrated Christmas with a special Live Oak tree (also an evergreen) which they found nearby. Enjoy "A Live Oak Christmas" to see how folks back then celebrated family centered Christmases. Merry Christmas to each of you, and a very Happy New Year.

1919-1920 Live Oak County Courthouse receives approval for 2020 honor as Recorded Texas Historic Landmark!

Honorable Jim Huff, County Judge for Live Oak County, Announces: Texas Historical Commission approves Live Oak County Recorded Texas Historic Landmark! Narrative at Live Oak County Courthouse Registered Texas Historic Landmark (1920-2020). Photo courtesy Richard Hudson.

George West Cemetery receives Historic Texas Cemetery Marker Approval!

Glynis Strause, President of George West Cemetery Association, announces: George West Cemetery honored with Historic Texas Cemetery Marker approval in conjunction with previous Texas Historic Cemetery Designation. Narrative at George West Historic Texas Cemetery Photo courtesy Richard Hudson.

Live Oak County Historical Commission Meetings in 2020

The following 2020 meetings were all completed by October 19, 2020. The current 2019-2020 biennium concludes on December 31, 2020. A new 2021-2022 biennium will begin on January 1, 2021. Appointee applications for the new biennium are ready for approval by County Judge, Jim Huff, and the Commissioners' Court. At that time the Court will also appoint the Chair for the 2021-2022 biennium, and the LOCHC will elect a slate of officers and committee chairs to serve that period.


Ross Harris, Chair for the last two bienniums, and current LOCHC appointees have enjoyed serving this last biennium and look forward to LOCHC services in the coming years.


2020 Meetings: February 3, Quarterly LOCHC meeting, Dobie West Performing Arts Theatre, George West, TX. 5:30 PM.

June 15, Monday Quarterly LOCHC meeting, Dobie West Performing Arts Theatre, George West, TX. 5:30 PM. Replaced previously postponed April meeting. 

August 24, Monday Quarterly LOCHC meeting. Dobie West Performing Arts Theatre, George West, TX. 5:30 PM. Replaced previously postponed July 20 meeting.

October 19, Monday Quarterly LOCHC meeting, SouthTrustBank, George West, TX, 5:30 PM.

News Flash!! Live Oak County Historical Commission once again received the prestigious Distinguished Service Award for service in 2019 from the Texas Historical Commission. This is the fifth year straight in a row for the LOCHC to receive this award. For more information, check out our LOCHC Events page.            

Live Oak County Historical Commission exists to preserve the history and culture of  Live Oak County Texas for all citizens past, present, future and all interested in the rich Ranch and Farm histories and cultures of Live Oak County. 

Geronimo, famous international Longhorn icon, preserved since 1927 in George West, Texas.

                                                                                      Photo courtesy Mary Margaret Dougherty Campbell.

Geronimo, historic international Longhorn icon, observed by tourists as they pass through George West, Texas. Since 1927, Geronimo has stood within a glass corral on the courthouse lawn of Live Oak County's county seat. Known to be George West's (traildriver and rancher who founded the town) favorite lead steer.


Geronimo's image was preserved by West's nephew, Albert West, soon after the steer saw his last days. Geronimo's mount traveled as far as Moscow representing Texas in America's 1976 Bicentennial Exposition. Geronimo has been immortalized in books and movies and continues to exemplify the Longhorn and Cowboy mystique today. Though cattlemen and cattlewomen of the West feared Longhorn extinction at the time Geronimo was preserved, Texas Longhorn herds now live in countries across the world.

The Live Oak County Historical Commission (LOCHC) exists to preserve the rich heritage and cultures of Live Oak County and its part in historic preservation not only at home, but in the state of Texas and our nation. The Commission develops local programs and cooperates with other community organizations to encourage understanding and appreciation of Live Oak County's historical significance. Appointees apply and are approved by the Live Oak County Commissioners' Court. Meetings are held quarterly on the third Monday unless announced otherwise above. The public is invited. Each meeting begins at 5:30 PM and ends sometime soon after 7:00 PM.


In 2010 with the appointment of a new Marker Chair, the LOCHC began efforts to revitalize the organization which had become inactive. By 2012, Judge Huff and the Commissioner's Court appointed ten more applicants. First efforts were directed toward honoring historical persons, buildings, and events that deserved Texas Historic Markers which tell their stories for perpetuity.


Since 2012, the organiztion matured and planted thirteen additional markers, one more has been delivered and awaits an unveiling ceremony, another two are at the foundry, and yet another approved by the 2020 THC Board and waits text approval process from THC, then foundry delivery. This will bring the total LOCHC Texas Historical Markers to 42.  Two more are in process for 2021.


The narratives for all Texas Historical Markers  approved by the THC Board since 2012 can be found on this website under Texas Historic Markers. Unfortunately, previous marker narrative histories had not been passed down. THC has now provided these histories to the webmaster, and this website is providing them as time allows since most of those are either written by hand or old typewriters which did not reproduce into readable form.


Archeology, Cemetery, Education, Oral History, Publicity, and Website chairs have active committees and continue historical recognition in numerous county and state events. These include: appropriate relocation of Patrick Allen Randel (Narcotic Agent felled in 1974) monument, Wreaths Across Amerca, Historic Texas Cemetery Designation, reconstructing Geronimo Memorial Site, Chisholm Trail Celebration, Visit to J. Frank Dobie original ranch, and numerous others.


The THC requests each biennium appointment be finalized in the early months of a new biennium. If you are interested in working with us in the 2021-2022 biennium, please consider obtaining an application from Judge Jim Huff's office in the courthouse on Houston Street in George West, Texas.  

2019-2020 Officers and Committee Chairpersons


Ross Harris, Chairperson

Mary Margaret Dougherty Campbell: Vice Chair, Hospitality Chair

Glynis Strause: Secretary, Oral History Chair

Leslie Walker, Treasurer

Richard "Hud" Hudson: Marker Chair, Publicity Chair 

Jim Warren, Archaeology Chair

Bernard Lemley, Cemetery Chair

Education Chair (Open)

Janis Hudson, Webmaster



Nancy Coquat

Bernadette Cordona Gibson

Drusanne Hunter

Robin Dawson McKinney

Charles (Gipper) Nelson

Cindi Robinson

Charlotte Schroeder

Peggy Skoruppa

Grace Wilson



Associate Appointees


Kurt House
Lamar James
Charles Kosarek Jr.



Emeritus Appointees


Sue Denniston

Virginia Horton

Betty Lyne

Sue Nance





Live Oak County Courthouse

The Honorable Jim Huff, County Judge for Live Oak County, welcomes you to the Live Oak County Historical Commission (LOCHC) Website. The Live Oak County Historical Commission is an arm of the Live Oak County Commissioners' Court; appointees are selected at the beginning of odd numbered years and serve two year terms. Judge Huff and the Live Oak County Commissioners support and approve actions of the LOCHC in coordination with the Texas Historical Commission (THC).


Live Oak County Commissioners:

Precinct 1: Richard Lee

Precinct 2: Donna Kopplin Mills

Precinct 3: Willie James

Precinct 4: Emilio Garza

The Commissioner's Court is committed to the preservation of our county's history. Judge Huff and your local commissioner welcome suggestions.

The Honorable Jim Huff, Live Oak County Judge.

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