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LOCHC reactivation of Current Live Oak County Historical Commission Markers and Status began in 2012

 LOCHC Texas Historical Markers Since 2012 LOCHC Reactivation to the Present: (All previous markers are available on the Texas Historical Commission (THC) Atlas. We are currently updating all previous information as we receive it from the THC as no local archive had this information at the time of reactivation in 2012.)

Year  Historical Marker Title                  Type      Status   LOCHC        Marker  Judge                                                                                            Chair           Chair

2012  Loma Sandia Prehistoric Cemetery   Subject  Planted    Denniston    Hudson    Huff
2013  Cunningham House                         RTHL     Planted    Denniston    Hudson    Huff
2014  Charles and Emma Tullis                 Subject  Planted    Walker        Hudson     Huff
2014  Chauncy and Minnie Canfield House RTHL      Planted   Walker         Hudson     Huff
2015  Live Oak County Jail                       RTHL      Planted   Walker         Hudson     Huff
2015  Murphy Ranch House                      RTHL      Planted   Walker         Hudson     Huff
2016  GW First United Methodist Church    Subject   Planted   Walker        Hudson     Huff
2016  Town of Dinero (Replacement)         Subject   Planted   Walker        Hudson     Huff
2016  Rialto Theater                                 RTHL      Planted   Harris         Hudson      Huff
2017  Thelma Pugh Lindholm                    Subject   Planted   Harris         Hudson      Huff
2018  Jessy Franklin Gray                         Subject   Planted   Harris         Hudson      Huff
2018  St George Catholic Church               Subject   Planted   Harris         Hudson      Huff
2018  Oakville Cemetery (Medallion Only)   HTC       Planted   Harris         Hudson      Huff
2019  First Baptist Church of GW               Subject   Approved Harris        Hudson      Huff
2019  Victoriano & Prisciliano Chapa           Subject   Approved Harris       Hudson      Huff
2020  Live Oak County Courthouse             RTHL      Pending   Harris        Hudson      Huff
2020  George West Cemetery                    Subject   Pending   Harris        Hudson      Huff
2020  Weston-Chapa Cemetery                 Subject    Pending   Harris       Hudson       Huff

Future Prospective Marker Subjects Requested:

The order below does not represent order of application. That will be determined by order of Marker Applications as they are received by the Marker Chair. Application window will open again in 2020. Watch this site for that announcement.

 Albert Smith / Sponsor, Melissa Cartwright Subject    
 Rocky Reagan / Sponsor, Marjorie Bledsoe Subject    
 Guy James Cemetery / Sponsor, James Family Subject    
 Three Rivers Cemetery / 3Rs Cemetery Assoc. Subject  In No Specific Order or Year  
 Tom Weston Subject    
 C C Cox Subject    
 Sowell's BBQ Building (Moved from Boerne, TX to Three Rivers 1913-Exterior preserved since that time.) RTHL


Historic Cemetery Designation required of HTC Marker Application:


Cemeteries in top list received required Historic Texas Cemetery (HTC) Designation through the Cemetery Chair, Sherry Kosarek, and have now submitted applications for an HTC Marker. Those in second list are working toward HTC Designation with Sherry Kosarek. After acquiring HTC Designation, they may apply for a marker during the next open period with the LOCHC Marker Chair.


The first open period toward a final marker application begins January 1 of each year, and closes when three applications are completely active. The THC has new annual guidelines limiting the number of markers they can approve each year. A county the size of Live Oak (12,000 population) usually can expect to receive two annual markers. Our chair is open to pushing that envelope but has yet to see more than two approved. In 2018, LOC did receive a cemetery medallion besides the two markers. The THC open window for applications completed by the County Historical Commission is usually September 1 through November 15 each year. The earlier the THC receives applications, the better chance for the applicant. LOCHC strives for sending applications the first week in September. 

LOCHC Marker Applications for the 2019 open window are now closed by vote of the LOCHC since three 2020 applications are active with the Marker Chair. We are hoping to see three approved this year, but the THC total marker applications to receive recognition was cut to less than they approved in 2018.


Southwell Foundry Sold in June of 2019:


Since the Southwell Marker Foundry which made all Texas Historical Markers closed acceptance of marker orders with the sale of the business, dates for receiving markers not yet produced at the time of that closing are unknown.


LOCHC First Baptist George West already had THC Staff and THC Board Approval. We hope to see it soon. The Don Victoriano and Don Prisciliano Chapa marker application had THC Staff approval and is slated for THC Board Reveiw, the last step in THC approval, at the THC Board's final 2019 quarterly meeting the third week in October. 

Live Oak County Courthouse

The Honorable Jim Huff, County Judge for Live Oak County, welcomes you to the Live Oak County Historical Commission (LOCHC) Website. The Live Oak County Historical Commission is an arm of the Live Oak County Commissioners' Court; appointees are selected at the beginning of odd numbered years and serve two year terms. Judge Huff and the Live Oak County Commissioners support and approve actions of the LOCHC in coordination with the Texas Historical Commission (THC).


Live Oak County Commissioners:

Precinct 1: Richard Lee

Precinct 2: Donna Kopplin Mills

Precinct 3: Willie James

Precinct 4: Emilio Garza

The Commissioner's Court is committed to the preservation of our county's history. Judge Huff and your local commissioner welcome suggestions.

The Honorable Jim Huff, Live Oak County Judge.

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