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News Flash! Two Live Oak County Texas Historical Markers approved by THC Board in narrative review: Live Oak County Courthouse (RTHL Marker)and George West Historical Texas Cemetery Marker.  See full announcement on this site's home page. Narrative history of each posted soon.                                                               2018 First Baptist Church George West Subject Marker has been received. 2018 Don Victoriano and Don Prisciliano Chapa Marker is completed and will arrive sometime in the future.  Plans are to unveil it in front of the the Live Oak County Courthouse. 

In the nineteen sixties, the Texas Historical Commission (THC) began an ongoing program for permanently recording the state's history on markers across the state. The Live Oak County Historical Commission (LOCHC) is charged with perpetuating that mission in Live Oak County. All markers since 1967 are first approved by the LOCHC and then approved or rejected by the state THC.


The Texas Historical Commission's atlas is a searchable database which lists historic places and structures along with location maps. We are currently building this county site with additional information about Live Oak County markers listed in alphabetical order with designation type.


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Markers below are in categories established by the THC, then in alpha order by title, which if orange, links to a narrative history required by the THC and sent with the marker application. Markers titles in orange link to the THC Atlas. At the atlas, choose county (Live Oak), then choose "Historical Markers". Choosing information link below marker titles leads to marker data - information including THC date recognized, location, and engraved marker text.


National Register of Historic Places


The National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) is administered by the National Park Service and is the official list of  properties  considered locally, state or nationally worthy of preservation. Live Oak County's current properties listed in the National Register are:


Fort Merrill - Historical Marker 41LK276 located near Dinero, the address of this past fort is on private property. National Register and Texas Atlas #2091001686


Live Oak County Jail-Located in Oakville, Texas, this jail is one of Live Oak County's most well preserved antiquities.  Marker 3104 National Register and Texas Atlas #2004000098 


Pagan Site-Historical Marker 41LK85 located near Calliham, this burial site address is restricted. It was discovered during the building of the Choke Canyon Reservoir near Three Rivers and is presently underwater. National Register and Texas Atlas #2078002972

Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks (RTHL)


A Recorded Texas Historic Landmark is a property judged locally and by the state to be historically and architecturally significant. It must be at least 50 years old and worthy of exterior preservation based on the period for which it is nominated. An online brochure clarifies legal benefits and requirements of this designation. Live Oak County's RTHLs are:


Charter Oak-Historical Marker 824 Historical Marker #5297000824

Chauncy and Minnie Canfield House-Historical Marker 17975 Atlas #5507017975

First State Bank Building-Historical Marker 1871 Atlas #5297001871

James and Sara Cunningham Home-Historical Marker 17657 Atlas #5507017657

Live Oak County Courthouse-Historical Marker approved but not yet recorded.

Live Oak County Jail-Historical Marker 18104 Atlas #5507018104

Murphy Ranch Home-Live Oak County-Historical Marker 18272 Atlas #5507018272

Rialto Theatre-Historical Marker 18459 Atlas #5507018459 

Texas Centennial Markers


In 1936, the State of Texas placed about 1,100 expositions and memorials across the state. Among those, four granite and bronze markers were placed in Live Oak County.


Site of Fort Merrill-Historical Marker 6294 Atlas #5297006294

Grey granite marker is placed on private property where the fort stood between 1850-1855.


Fort Ramirez-The fortified ranchhouse built by the Ramirez family was the first structure built in Live Oak County, but it was reportedly abandoned in 1813 because of Indian depredations. The pink granite marker resides on private property. Historical Marker 14529 Atlas #5507018460


Live Oak County-A pink granite commemorative marker for the County is on US Highway 281 just south of George West. Historical Marker 3104 Atlas #5297003104


Oakville, Texas-A grey granite marker honoring Oakville, the original county seat of Live Oak County from 1856-1919, is located on the FM 1358 and I-37 access road northbound. Historical Marker 3653 Atlas #5297003653    

Historic Texas Cemetery Designation


Lagarto Cemetery-Lagarto Cemetery has this designation, but its marker remains a subject marker until a Historic Texas Cemetery (HTC) Designation Medallion is obtained. Oakville Cemetery had a subject marker but no designation until winter 2018. In Fall of 2018, Oakville Cemetery received HTC Designation, and on December 15, 2018, the HTC Medallion was unveiled next to the Oakville Cemetery Texas Historical Cemetery. Oakville is the first Live Oak County Cemetery to receive an HTC Medallion. Since that time, the George West Historic Texas Cemetery has received the HTC Designation, and application for the George West Historic Texas Marker is in process. The Weston-Chapa Cemetery HTC Designation is in process with others like Guy James Cemetery preparing their HTC Designation also.

While Texas Historical Subject Markers such as Gussettville and Simmons City mention their cemeteries, these two are not specific cemetery markers. In the THC's effort to preserve historical cemeteries, they discontinued cemetery subject markers in favor of the HTC Marker.

To complete permanent local recognition, interested parties must first qualify a cemetery for a Historic Texas Cemetery Designation. Then they can do one of two things; 1)apply with the THC Cemetery Division for an HTC medallion which bears only the name and year the cemetery began. 2) Interested parties may apply for an HTC Cemetery Marker which bears the HTC Medallion at its crest and an engraved historical narrative below with historical names and events specific to the cemetery. HTC Cemetery Marker application is placed with the local county marker chair who monitors and forwards it to the state within the THC's application window usually from September 1 through November 15 for the following year's markers.

More information about THC efforts for preserving historic Texas cemeteries may be found at

Specific information about applying for HTC designation may be found here:

Free webinars on Texas Cemetery preservation by the Texas Historical Commission's Cemetery Program leaders are available periodically. Check the THC website for archived and upcoming presentations. 

Undertold Story Markers


During this century, the THC began permanently recording stories for posterity with undertold gaps in history. Other state marker applicants are charged $100 to defray the costs of these markers. In 2012, Marker Chair, Richard Hudson, submitted Loma Sandia Prehistoric Cemetery which became one of that year's undertold recipients. Legal restraints prevent exact address information because of laws based on respect and preservation. Loma Sandia is important because its over 200 burial remains revealed that Coahuiltecans who roamed the rivers of Live Oak County were a more sophisticated society than historians thought previously. The artifacts revealed cultural practices, tool development and societal interactions among other transient tribes through the period from at least 850-550 BC. Loma Sandia Prehistoric Cemetery-Historical Marker 17752 Atlas #5507017752     

Texas State Subject Markers


Texas State Subject Markers cover a variety of subjects including, but not limited to: history and architecture of houses, commercial and public buildings, religious buildings or congregations, military sites, events that change the course of history, and individuals who make lasting significant contributions to our state, community organizations, and businesses. The historical demarcation for structures requires a back date of 50 years. Events are accepted after 30 years. Significant individuals may be mentioned in a marker text after they have been deceased 10 years. THC recently updated the Texas Atlas. Information there sometimes requires using Marker Numbers. The County's subject markers are:


Charles and Emma Tullis-Historical Marker 17995 Atlas #5507017995

City of George West-Historical Marker 6295 Atlas #5297006295

Crossing of Old Ox-Cart Roads-Historical Marker 3893 Atlas #5297003893

Dobie, J. Frank, Birthplace-Historical Marker 629 Atlas #529700629

Don Victoriano and Don Prisciliano Chapa-THC Board Approved; THC Text Approved and at the foundry. LOCHC awaiting delivery.

Early Schools in Live Oak County (George West)-Historical Marker 1363 Atlas #5297001363

Early Schools in Live Oak County (Three Rivers)-Historical Marker *

Echo Stagecoach Depot and Post Office-Historical Marker 1376 Atlas #5297001376

Felix Longoria-Historical Marker 16279 Atlas #5507016279

First Baptist Church-George West-THC Marker received at the end of July. Awaiting planting.

George West First United Methodist Church-Historical Marker18460 Atlas #5507018460

George West Historical Texas Cemetery-THC Board Approved.Not yet posted on THC Atlas.

Awaiting THC Text Approval and foundry production.

Gussetville-Historical Marker 2310 Atlas #5297002310

Jesse Robinson-Historical Marker 6298 Atlas #5297006298

Jessy Franklin Gray WWI Hero-Historical Marker #50000127

Lagarto Cemetery-Historical Marker 3008 Atlas #5297003008

Lagarto College-Historical Marker 3009 Atlas #5297003009

Oakville Cemetery-Historical Marker 3654 Atlas #529003654

Oakville Post Office-Historical Marker 3655 Atlas #5297003655

Old Dobie Ranch, Birthplace of J. Frank Dobie (Sept. 26,1888-Sept. 18, 1964)-

      Historical Marker 6291 Atlas #5297006291

Simmons-Historical Marker 4700 Atlas #5297004700

Site of Three Rivers Glass Factory-Historical Marker 5482 Atlas #527005482

St. George Catholic Church-Historical Marker

Thelma Laura Pugh-Lindholm-Historical Marker 18833 Atlas # 5507018833

Three Rivers-Historical Marker 5481 Atlas #5297005481

Town of Dinero-Historical Marker 6290 Atlas #5297006290

Town of Whitsett-Historical Marker 5795 Atlas #5297005795

VFW and American Legion War Memorial-Historical Marker 5623 Atlas #5297005623

*Marker is missing in the THC Atlas but is on site at Three Rivers High School. Request submitted to THC for restoring marker in atlas has been made.


First Baptist Church George West Subject marker was delivered the last week in July. Church will announce an unveiling and information included on this website.


Don Prisciliano and Don Victoriano Subject Marker is THC Board Approved. Marker Text at Foundry and creations are in process. Unveiling of this marker will be announced when complete most likely in 2021.


Live Oak County Courthouse RTHL was THC Board approved narrative review the last week in July 2020. Marker Text and Foundry creations are in process. Unveiling of this marker will be announced on this website when complete most likely in 2021.


George West Historic Texas Cemetery Marker was THC Board approved in narrative review the last week in July 2020. Marker Text and Foundry creations are in process. Unveiling of this marker will be announced on this website when complete most likely in 2021.

Nominate a Property, Subject, or Cemetery for a Marker


Final Marker awards come from the Texas Historical Commission, but applications must first flow through from the local chc, in this case - LOCHC and then the county commissioner's court. For those who wish to nominate a property, subject or cemetery for a future marker, notify the webmaster through "Contact Us" on this site, and the marker chair or someone on the marker committee will help you through the steps necessary to bring the desired marker into the process. Completed nomination forms require only a one hundred dollar application fee sent to the THC not the LOCHC. Money for individually sponsored markers does not flow through the Live Oak County Historical Commission or the County. All marker sponsor funds transfer immediately from the marker sponsor to the THC.


Note: The Texas Historical Commission is regulated by a board which sets the number of Texas historical markers the Commission may issue each year. 2021's limit for 254 counties is 170 markers: subject, RTHL, and HTC. Live Oak County has been fortunate to receive two markers in each of the last eight years. As one can see the application and its narrative must meet the state's highest standards. This process at the local level must begin long before the set THC deadline which may change from year to year. Applications are placed in a queue based on the date a sponsor agrees to fund the process which presently amounts between $1300 and $1900 dollars including a $100 deposit at the time application is sent to the THC.

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